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01 mai 2007 @ 18:44
I've bought finaly the DVD version of all 5 films about Angelique. I can enjoy now the original version in French (it was my dream). before I had the Russian version only.
one of my favorite parts: dialogs with the Persian ambassador about problem of choice (problème de choix)
Something Funny about Herdarlingfreak on le 01 mai 2007 17:59 (UTC)
Do they have the french versions with english subtitles yet?
alleond: ретроalleond on le 01 mai 2007 21:25 (UTC)
I have a version made in Russia. there are only Russian and French languages, no subtitles at all. as I speek French and as I know the film almost by heart I don't feel uncomfortable watching it in French without subtitles.
Something Funny about Herdarlingfreak on le 01 mai 2007 22:45 (UTC)
I have some high school and college classroom French, and I could probably function in France if I had to, and with the help of a dictionary I can decypher french poetery and things, but I think I'll wait for an English subtitled release before I spend money on the movies.

Congratulations though. I'm happy for you. :-)