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25 novembre 2009 @ 22:40
Hi, I'm new here, in this Sleeping Kingdom of Angélique admirers!

It's not only sad, it's also very strange that this community is so quiet. Angélique gives us tons of stuff to dream of, discuss and create; there used to be a LOT of fans; it's like a given luxury canvas for fanfics; so where does this silence come from?..

I'll make a couple of icons where I'm in the right mood. Oh well, at least I hope I will. No promises signed with blood, but...

To begin with, how about a new layout for the community? Something like... THIS? It's light and spacious and comfortable to use... if the mod and members happen to like it, that is...

Ok, well... That was my entrance! Nice to be here!
Something Funny about Herdarlingfreak on le 25 novembre 2009 21:34 (UTC)
Hello! How beautiful to see a new poster. What a lovely icon.

I'm the mod here, and the community creator. I made this community several years ago, so most of the fancier layouts were not available. And since it's been so dead, I'm afraid I've not really had a cause to update it. I love the layout you proposed, and will look into it!

I'll drop you a message when the new layout has been chosen.

Thank you for being here. :)
Эс.: Le matinesselta on le 25 novembre 2009 21:51 (UTC)
Hmm, you could say NO as it is, no offence ever taken ;)

It's quite hard to make people start being active, true so... Which is, once again, strange - does everyone really have nothing to say?..
Something Funny about Herdarlingfreak on le 25 novembre 2009 22:09 (UTC)

If I'd wanted to say no, I would have. ;)

I was actually looking through the stock layouts when I got this message. Where did you get the one you proposed? Did you make it? If you did, may I use it?
Эс.: Blair IIesselta on le 25 novembre 2009 22:45 (UTC)
I did make it, yeah. Actually, if you have any ideas that you'd like to use, any pitures, any specific colors or anything - I could try to work on it, no prob.

>> If you did, may I use it? <<
That's what it's made for :P
Something Funny about Herdarlingfreak on le 25 novembre 2009 22:51 (UTC)
Thank you. That's very kind. I'm afraid I don't know much about layouts or how to make them/use them/send or receive them. So please forgive my ignorance. I can customize existing ones, but don't know much beyond that.

Actually, the layout is gorgeous. May I request one tiny thing though? Keep it exactly the way it is, but maybe include something distinctly french, perhaps a fleur de lis accent?

Me personally, I prefer book cover art Angeliques for icons rather than Michelle. I don't have a problem with her as Angelique, quite the opposite, it's just a personal thing though. I like book rather than movie images in general.
Эс.: Vintageesselta on le 25 novembre 2009 22:57 (UTC)
Oh, the icon is there just as an example, it's random, it's my sample/tryout account for layouts.

I'll add something French to it )) I'm also thinking - fleur de lis would make a perfect tiny icon for users and communities, I'm just not sure I can find a suitable one... will do my best ))
Something Funny about Herdarlingfreak on le 25 novembre 2009 23:07 (UTC)
I'm looking forward to it. Thank you. :)
saniikasaniika on le 26 novembre 2009 16:51 (UTC)
Hello! This is very beautiful! I hope it will be choosen~

welcome here! Well it is pretty dead, but with more active people, perhaps it will come to life :D

Lets try a new start? :D
Эс.: La filleesselta on le 28 novembre 2009 23:23 (UTC)
Yeah, definitely needs active people... or at least one XD
I maintain a community of my own - there are 150 members, but hardly any of them write or comment. SO it would be dead if I didn't constantly work on keeping it alive... it's like a part-time job, LOL.