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Angelique's Community of the Angels

Welcome to Monteloup

La Marquise des Anges
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I have been so taken with Angelique and the novels since I found them quite by accident (The Entire Set) at a book swap. Not finding a community devoted to these books, I made one myself. If you have any friends who are fans of these books, please encourage them to join as well.



1.Be polite and respect each other. That is a given. Disagreements are welcome, but flames will not be tolerated.

2. Proper English is preferred over net-speak. This is not required, but it is appreciated. Reading too many “How R U 2day!” type of posts gets quite irritating.

3. I hope that this group will have a mix of people who have loved the series for years and read all of them many times, and people who are enjoying them for the first time. Please be respectful of the fact that not everyone knows how every book ends. If you want to talk about something that might be a “Spoiler” for someone who hasn’t read the books, please use and LJ cut and indicate that it is a spoiler somewhere in your post.

4. We all love sharing Angelique cover artwork. This is fantastic, please post them. However, if you are posting more than one or two, please put them behind an LJ cut as well to keep the loading time of this community to a minimum.

5. Please keep profanity to a reasonable minimum. I’m not too prudent myself and I do not require that all of you talk like Sunday school teachers at all times, but please respect the fact that not everyone enjoys reading excess profanity.

6. Please keep posts at least somewhat on topic. If you have something off topic that you feel you must post here, please label it off topic and put it behind an LJ cut with some statement on what the content is.

7. Please do not advertise other communities here.

8. Please do not advertise here, period.

9. Have fun! :- )

I am quite easy going and not an unreasonable person in the least. Only in extreme cases will I not warn someone that they are breaking the rules before I take any kind of action. If you have a complaint about another group member or have any questions or problems, please e-mail LittleDiva@SoftHome.net. My personal Live Journal is darlingfreak