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26 janvier 2014 @ 14:00
Il est sorti en France le 18 décembre 2013

26 décembre 2011 @ 18:36

hopefully this will make someone happy around Christmas :-)
I made an arttrade with a friend and it is Angelique themed.

Here is a link leading to the artwork with description.

Merry Christmas!
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15 septembre 2010 @ 16:11
If you had to chose an actress to play Angelique in a new movie, who'd be your choice?

I've been writing a little lately, and the main character of my story, Fleur, is pretty much Angelique-style. Fleur's face was inspired by a dutch model Doutzen Kroes. As for me, she'd also be perfect as Angelique: so delicate, so perfect, and she's got the most beautiful lips in the world!

PHOTO >>Réduire )
28 novembre 2009 @ 15:46
I would like to announce that we now have a beautiful new layout by esselta

Thank you so much!
29 novembre 2009 @ 01:29
Well, here's a crosspost from my journal. Just a bunch of pretty pictures with Michele as Angélique. Funny, it appeared to be one of the most popular entry among my LJ friends :D Turns out, a lot of them loved this movie a long time ago. I myself was crazy about it as a child, Ange was like... the most perfect woman ever.

25 novembre 2009 @ 22:40
Hi, I'm new here, in this Sleeping Kingdom of Angélique admirers!

It's not only sad, it's also very strange that this community is so quiet. Angélique gives us tons of stuff to dream of, discuss and create; there used to be a LOT of fans; it's like a given luxury canvas for fanfics; so where does this silence come from?..

I'll make a couple of icons where I'm in the right mood. Oh well, at least I hope I will. No promises signed with blood, but...

To begin with, how about a new layout for the community? Something like... THIS? It's light and spacious and comfortable to use... if the mod and members happen to like it, that is...

Ok, well... That was my entrance! Nice to be here!
04 juin 2008 @ 20:59
Hello, once again.

I am back, I promised some action. However I am sorry it is nothing so very good and only scech. My apologiez, I will make something more nice later when stress from real life is over.

So for now, here have her:
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27 mai 2008 @ 00:55
Very nice to meet you!I do realise this community is quite silent.
However I would like to say hello. Maybe there is still someone who would like to take some action.
So for introducing myself: I watched Angelique as little girl and now in my adult age I am starting to read the books. Have read 1st till now.
The movies I saw were in thech-language, so it is my dream to listen to them in french.

i would also like to ask something. I was trying to find some fanfiction, since don´t take me wrong, but Angelique was surrounded by so many wonderfull/not wonderfull man...one get´s questions into mind. So you know where to find some? Naturally in english.

Also I would like to ask if there are some ideas how to resurect it here. Maybe some challenges? Diskussions? Making icons?...sharing videos...etc.

Thanks alot.
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01 mai 2007 @ 18:44
I've bought finaly the DVD version of all 5 films about Angelique. I can enjoy now the original version in French (it was my dream). before I had the Russian version only.
one of my favorite parts: dialogs with the Persian ambassador about problem of choice (problème de choix)
31 juillet 2006 @ 13:26
Is there anybody out here?!*echo*I`m feeling lonely you know:{ Wake up,post something!
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