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25 juillet 2006 @ 10:47
Would you leave everything just to look for your beloved(who has gone for a long time and you didn`t heard a thing about him ever since)just like Angelique?I think I would ^_~
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11 juillet 2006 @ 13:30
One of the most complicated characters in the books.In one moment I like him;I admire his intelligence,his sense for art,his clemency,but on the other hand,I hate the way he treats all his women,especially the Queen.But it seems like Angelique showed him what it`s like to be rejected and craving for the one so close,yet so far(*grins evilly*).But I guess he has the power to accomplish anything he wants.He`s after all the Sun King!
What do you think about him?
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30 juin 2006 @ 19:25
Finished the third book(Angelique et le Roi)!I`m glad Angelique finally found out the truth about her husband.And I`m glad she refused to be Louis`s lover because of Joffrey(so romantic)and that now he`s suffering(for a change),heart-breaker-jerk!
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19 juin 2006 @ 21:40
Who is your least favorite character?I don`t like the Prince,madame d`Montespan and I sometimes hate the King.I don`t know he`s so complicated.
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17 juin 2006 @ 21:36
Have everyone read all the books(cause I haven`t yet)?Who is your favorite character(except Angelique)?Mine`s Joffrey ;-)
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16 juin 2006 @ 18:58
A new Angelique fan here!I added Angelique to my interest list and I`ve decided to join in a fan community with the same interest.
I recently discovered Angelique books.My best friend has the whole set and she recommended the books to me.When I read the first book,I was stunned.It was amazing.So much thrill and adventure and it gets better with every next title.And there`s that great love story between Angelique and Joffrey(my favorite couple).I`m finishing the third book(Angelique et le Roi)and I can`t wait to start the next one.So,if anyone wants to post to this community and discuss about Angelique and others,go for it.This community is not dead as long as we love Anne and Serge Golon and their great peace of work ;-)
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14 septembre 2005 @ 18:23
Joffrey, Claude le Petit, Philip, Colene - such an activeness in the search of happiness.
and my mother is going to get married for the 4th time.
29 juillet 2005 @ 08:08
It's nice to actually see some posts here. I'm very happy.

As I said to someone in a comment: Activity breeds activity, and stillness breeds stillness.

The more we post, the more others will post.

So, now that we've had some new heads pop up (Welcome and thank you!) I'd love it if we can all come up with a discussion topic that we can all post on. The more we post, the more others will be encouraged to join and post. And if any of you know any other LJ Angelique fans, please give them the heads-up. :-)

For now: Random poll.

What is your favorite Angelique cover?

29 juillet 2005 @ 02:12
Anne Golon is writting a new book and another version of this first book.
Sorry for my bad english ;)
28 juillet 2005 @ 10:22
so does anything happen here ?

hi, by the way